About the Author

Hi! This is Parth Sharma. I’m a Life Enthusiast and a Human Resources Practitioner by profession, Blogger by hobby and a Reiki-Hypnotherapist by cosmic will, on the journey of collecting wisdom from life and sharing it to attract more of it. My intention behind writing this blog is to help people understand themselves better and give them an unknown and better perspective to life and world around them. I believe we need not to travel distances to collect wisdom in life but be an explorer from inside to see what gets un-noticed most of the times. Inspiration can come in any form and any time, just be OPEN and AWARE to RECEIVE.

Spirituality has been my interest ever since I started questing my purpose and existence in life. My aim is to help wondering minds like me with a Spiritual way of managing oneself and others. The only true knowledge is the self-knowledge; everything else is just a perspective. The real SELF DEVELOPMENT begins with SELF KNOWLEDGE.  Stress, anger and anxiety are not due to the changing world, but due to the lack right of perspective to see the change.

If I’m able to motivate and inspire even a few people to take charge and responsibility of their life and thoughts, I think it will add a lot to me. As when you share the wisdom, you attract more.

Sending love, laughter and joy.... Parth

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