Move on… Life is a Cab

It was a Saturday afternoon. I had to travel someplace in the city to meet an acquaintance. Since it was the festive season I thought not to use the public transport due to high probability of it being crowded. Indeed I opted to travel by Uber Pool service. This happens to be a shared cab service that costs less and allows sharing the ride with people travelling in the same direction. My destination was approx 40 kms away. As the cab started I was the only one passenger, the driver was nice and friendly and was playing good music in the cab. After it moved about a kilometre the driver got a shared booking for a guy who travelled along for approx 4 kms and then further on the way driver got another booking for a lady who had to travel beyond my destination.

Do you wonder what this story has to do with Life’s perspective? It has something to reflect upon one of the most difficult time of life when we have to bid a farewell or lose somebody close or deal with a broken relationship and are not able to move on in life.

What I’m about to mention may seem Insane right now but once you ponder over it, you will realize that this may be one of the unconventional methods to practice detachment in life and hence live as Satchitanand (being in the state of joy).

Imagine that in the travel story above YOU are the driver, your LIFE as the Cab and the fellow co-passengers being your known relationships. As you drive through life you not only carry old passengers (relationships) but also meet new people and they on-board your taxi (life). Some of the passengers (relations) take a drop early and some travel through you for a longer distance. But eventually everyone gets down from your taxi one day. It is only how long they travel in the direction similar to yours. Something that doesn’t change and it didn’t change as well in the story above was the Driver (YOU) and Cab (Life as a reality), people came and went. Now imagine how strange it would have looked if with every departing passenger the driver stopped playing music and started feeling depressed. Rather he was welcoming to every new passenger who on-boarded the cab. Someone somewhere rightly said that “Life never stops, Move on!”

I know it is easier said than done and it’s also easier to speak philosophically than practicing it. But don’t you think it worth practicing it. It’s our right to be in the state of joy. Weather you have a similar life’s philosophy or different, but do whatever it takes to be in your true state of consciousness, that is that state of bliss and joy.

I would love to hear your philosophy of moving on in life.

Sending love, laughter and joy…… Parth

4 thoughts on “Move on… Life is a Cab

  1. It sounds so funny !!!! There is something called emotions which I think you heard off … You can’t relate life with a cab …you are passing a wrong message in this public forum …….

    1. Hi Anand,

      Thanks for sharing your views. Comparing Life with a cab is called as “Symbolism”, which is intended to give a different perspective than the usual. I respect your opinion of differing from me.

      Thanks for reading through and taking out time to reflect back.

      Sending love, laughter and joy.. Parth

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