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In management studies we often talk about the body language. Hand gestures in the body language gives us clues about the other person’s openness to accept your ideas. The most popular one that is seen in the meetings of high energy is when the person on the other side of the table is sitting with both the hands on table and finger tips joined together, making a bowl like shape with hands. Did you know that this hand posture creates the balance in left and right brain and promotes openness to the ideas?

Our finger tips of both hands and feet are the nerve endings and also the endings of the energy meridians. Unconsciously or consciously energy exchange with self, others and universe happens thought these endings. A simple gesture can effectively influence our body and our mind by bending, crossing, extending or touching the fingers with other fingers. These gestures are called as Mudras.

The science of Mudras is based on the principle that “The root cause of disease is the imbalance and improper co-ordination between these elements and proper balance between these elements is the secret of good health.” The secret of health lies in hands, fingers and Mudras, which can be performed with the help of fingers.

Human body is composed of five basic elements and the five fingers of our hands represents these five basic elements. Ancient Sages discovered the knowledge of Mudras. By touching of hands to each other or folding fingers in a particular way, we can cure any disturbances in these five elements with the help of our fingers, we can keep the five elements in proper proportion, any disturbances in them can be balanced. So that our body become healthy.

The human body, like the Universe, is made up of fusion of five elements. Body’s health depends on the proper balance of these five elements in our body. Mudras help maintaining this balance. Mudras are like control buttons of consciousness (chetana) of our body and their proper study help us not only to control five elements but also to cure many diseases and remain healthy.

With the help of Mudras, we can create particular kind of energy waves in the body, when needed. By creating these waves, the five elements get their proper balance which help man in his physical, mental and spiritual progress. By touching or by pressing our fingers on each other in a particular fashion we can perform different Mudras. There are so many mudras performed for different purposes, as in dance or prayer. Here we are studying those mudras which help us in curing disorder, both of mind and body.

Practicing Mudras

Forming your hands and the fingers as they are shown in the various illustrations. The pressure of the fingers should be very light and fine, and your hands should be relaxed. Sometimes the fingers have a mind of their own, too inflexible, and the hands slip away or tire quickly. The flexibility of the hands has a direct relationship to the flexibility of the entire body. Tension at a certain place in the body, will be expressed at a corresponding area in the hands. Even a person’s age can be determined on the basis of the spread fingers.

In the beginning, there may be some problems in doing some of the mudras with both hands, because, you may first have to arrange and hold the fingers of one hand with the other. Just do the mudra with the one hand for the time being. If the fingers that should actually be stretched curl on their own again, rest them. With time, the tensions will dissolve in the fingers or hand, as well as in the corresponding area of the body. Do the mudra as well as possible and the effect will appear in any case. You will gain more strength in your hands, become more flexible, and will be able to use both hands feeling more refreshed ,flexible and younger.

Mudras when combined with meditation or affirmation can yield the best results. Although it can be practiced anywhere, even while watching your favourite TV show. It is still felt best when you sit with the spine straight or lying down in shava asana.


An unhealthy lifestyle usually consists of bad diet, lack of exercise, no fresh air, rest and relaxation, too much stress, worry, negative thoughts and feelings. Practicing the mudras, with a healthy diet, routine rest periods, adequate exercise will lead to an optimal lifestyle. And this is the basis for health. When mudras are used to support the healing of chronic health disorders, they should be as a course of treatment over a long period of several weeks or months to be effective.

Some mudras can also be used as help in an emergency. These should be practised when necessary and only as long as they are required. Sudden complaints are not a coincidence, but are of an imbalanced state that has already flared up within us. Mudra should not be used like a fast-acting medication to subdue symptoms. Get to the bottom of the matter. Meditate-ask inside yourself what this physical attack means for you. Ask persistently and honestly, for then you will also receive an honest answer. Perhaps it won’t be comfortable, but it will have a healing effect in the long run.

Mudras should not be seen as a substitute to medication. It only supports the natural healing system of the human body.


Mudras have a wonderful effect on the emotional area of our lives, which includes the soul, our feelings, and our moods. To change oppressive moods, you can do so by changing breathing rhythm accordingly. How one breathes can stimulate, calm, inflame, or cool one down. Mood fluctuations, can be largely eliminated within a few days by using mudras.

Moods and physical complaints are similar. In order to cure them, we must look for and remedy the cause, which almost always lies within. We should never blame our surrounding world for our moods. Parents, children, partners, colleagues at work-they are only reflections of our inner life. Even if we initially can’t change our environment, we can work on our inner attitude toward the surrounding world, changing it in small steps.

Chronic bad moods of any type such as aggression, depression, dissatisfaction and fear can be caused by weakened organs, digestive problems, blood pressure, pain, or other physical reasons. As you practice the mudras used for physical healing, these moods may be remedied. Meditation, and affirmation have a positive effect on the mental emotional state.

Sending love, laughter and joy……Parth Sharma

Disclaimer: Mudras should not be seen as a substitute to medication. It only supports the natural healing system of the human body.

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