Are you Playing or Watching? #Life

It’s always the sports season in India. Although this time around, it’s the cricket season that is rocking the country. I was watching a match through television that was being played between two clubs in India representing Delhi and Mumbai. Being from Delhi I was all hands for Delhi club. The excitement was at its peak as the match was entering in its death overs (last few overs).  Everyone at home alongside me was showing intense emotions with every run scored was cheered and every ball missed was criticised.

As the match took a break for 3 mins and for some strange reasons advertisements didn’t appear, broadcasters were showing the team meeting and players discussions on the field. They seemed battling hard in conversation with the strategy and actions to steer the game their way. The body language was very engrossed in the game and directed towards the common goal.

What we were doing across the screen was analysing and criticizing the missed shots and players. Perhaps judging them for what they were doing. We also had the aggression and the common goal but the intent had no action involved, only judgement.

This is common to see in any sports whether being watched on TV or live. There are always 2 types of people in the game, those who are playing and those who are watching (not playing). The players always have their discussions around the actions whereas spectators always seem judgemental and analytical.

Doesn’t it seem relevant to life as well? We always have a choice to be a player in our life or just be a spectator in our life. Being a player directs our intentions towards actions and gives us personal power because we take complete responsibility of the results, since we are the “Cause” of the event. But being a spectator in our life, it will always withdraw the personal power by putting responsibility to someone else or circumstances and making us the “Effect” of the events.

Living with this conscious awareness will keep us in-charge of our own life and decisions. The life will no more be an accident but a series of conscious responses and actions.


Sending Love, Laughter and Joy.


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