Eternal Positive Thinking

We all are growing up reading and listening about “Positive Thinking” as a philosophy for life. The list of authors is long who write about positive thinking and its enormous benefits. There will be hardly anyone in this world who doesn’t want to live positively and optimistically. The problem doesn’t lie in being positive or optimist in life, but the real problem lies in being overly obsessed with it and landing up ignoring the dynamicity of life. Imagine yourself in a critical situation where you need to be prepared for the bitter consequences but the positive thinking puts you on a plane of ignorance and hence leave you underprepared for the situation.

Finding the brighter side of a situation and looking for opportunities in problems is best when it comes instinctively and not as a forced thought. Any forced thought might be blocking another possibility to unfold. It is important to see Life the way it is. There is no need to apply a template of positivity or negativity to it. Accepting the life and situations the way it unfolds automatically puts you on a higher frequency to ‘move on’ in life. This is exactly why people are propagating the philosophy of positive thinking. The most important form of positive thinking to be practiced is the ‘positive self-talk’. Let positive thinking be a tool to re-align yourself, but not a curtain of ignorance.

Think about it! A forced thought of positivity can only lead to unrealistic interpretation of a situation, but acceptance to the situation will lead to eternal positivity that will strengthen you from within to deal with uncertainties in life. It is not about judging the glass as half full or half empty, but just to be aware and see it as a glass with water, where both the possibilities co-exist.

Sending Love, laughter and Joy ……… Parth

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