The Power that Never Fades

Most of the battles fought in the history have been around the intention of establishing dominance and Power. Even at the individual level, we keep fighting our daily battles to stay in power. Weather be relationships, home, office or any other social association, we somehow want to remain in Power and Authority. What is this power that drives our desires and actions so much that we unconsciously land up only manipulating ourself and people around us?

I’m certainly not talking about electricity or any fuel here, but the Power of being larger and important than others is no less than the current and fuel that drives motivation in our lives. There are 2 types of power that exist. First one is the External Power and second is the Internal Power.

External Power is the one that is depended on the association with an external stimulus, which can be a place, status, title, money, hierarchy etc. This kind of power has a lifecycle. It has a beginning, maturity and end. Such power only remains in existence till the time that association is alive. The moment one’s name is detached with the association the power is gone. This power in reality doesn’t lie with the individual but with the chair (place, status, title, money, hierarchy) one holds (e.g. Being a Head, GM, VP, etc.). The individual is only an Experiencer of such power. This is where many of us go wrong and think ourselves to possess the power and eventually fall apart after losing it.

Internal Power is the Self power or the power of one’s character/spirit. This is the only power that always exists and never fades away. Self-power is created and nurtured by one’s karmic impressions and his self-realization. The self-power is not associated with any stimuli not even the human body. This power directly comes from one’s own spirit/soul. Since the spirit or soul are the energy forms that transform even after death, hence the power of the Inner self never dies. This is the reason that when you visit the holy sites of ancient saints, you still feel the vibrations of their positivity and strength. Since the self-power is metamorphed from Intentions that have ability to transcend beyond space and time, hence you feel the presence of your loved ones even after they have left the world. You still feel their strength guiding you in life.

If you are at power with your Inner industry, then need for the external power will never arise. You will never need a title to do your duties in life. Neither you will be effected by criticism nor you will be flattered by praise.

The only way to self-realization and developing the Inner power is Meditation and knowledge about Inner engineering. That’s why the Self-development starts with Self Awareness.

Sending Love, laughter and Joy …… Parth

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