How to Stay Strong, Balanced & Unaffected in Life

Staying strong and balanced in life Inspite of being surrounded with people who influence our thoughts, perceptions and mind every second takes a big deal of self will and self-knowledge. Strength and Balance are the states that are either borrowed nor acquired from the outside. Indeed, these are the abilities of our inner self to perceive the situation with a detached and realistic perspective of live. For e.g. If there is someone in your proximity who is irritating you or whose presence is intolerable, then it’s not him who is misaligned but our incapability to be indifferent to him. He is only responding at his level of awareness.

I have written in my earlier blogs about building the inner strength and inner character. Here I want to share with you 3 mindsets that one should wear towards other people. It was shared with me by a friend and has certainly help me in bringing down anxiety even in the times of conflict. Of course it doesn’t happen overnight and requires regular practice and self-affirmation with belief of living the mindsets discussed below.

  1. Be HAPPY with the people who are HAPPY
  2. Have COMPASSION for the people who are SAD
  3. Be INDIFFERENT to people who are WRONG or doing SIN

Our mind works like a mirror. What we see and relate with, even for a moment trigger a neurological pattern in us and create an experience in our subconscious mind. We tend to collect many experiences of others that may be untrue but we have seen them happened. Like a mirror what we relate/attach with reflects inside us creating an impression for life. Hence creating the Beliefs that lead to our Actions. Being HAPPY with HAPPY people will multiply the happiness inside and your ability to self-motivate yourself by increasing the level of your consciousness, raising your vibrations and taking you closer to your TRUE version of joyful self. It’s a self-sabotage to feel undeserving in life.

When you are with someone SAD, don’t feel SAD along with him/her. Rather be compassionate to them. We all live a life of our own manifestations and karmic deposits, so does everybody else. You being SAD with the person is not going to help any one of you. Indeed, COMPASSION is the value that will not only help you understand his trouble but also keeps you detached. The best alternative is to either HELP the person by your CAPACITY or if not then PRAY for his strength. We get this wrong very easily and tend to become SAD with people and take ourself in the similar mood swing.

Being Indifferent to someone who is doing WRONG or SIN, if he/she is outside your capacity of teaching will keep you away from being intolerant and anxious. Remember that his deeds will eventually reflect back on him. We can never take control of anyone else’s Karmas and destiny. They will manifest it for them.

All the above mindsets are not Inhuman, but when practiced correctly will make you a better human and also place you strongly to guide people in life.

Sending Love, laughter and Joy …… Parth

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