Stress Management ! Why ?

I see many training and development companies conducting courses on ‘stress management’. It is indeed important with the multitasking lifestyle. Something I don’t understand here is that, we tend to ‘manage’ things that are important and good to us, then why do we talk about managing stress? Surprisingly we have accepted stress as inseparable part of our life that we now try to manage it.

Stress is not an external stimulus but the inability of our internal self to respond appropriately. Why this inability arises is because we don’t flex ourselves enough from inside to strengthen the inner self. The essential workout to be centred and connected to the real self has been undermined by us. The key is not in managing the stress but to regularly stay in touch with the inner-self and be more mindful in life. So “Manage Yourself” not ‘Stress’.

Self-knowledge, Non-dual perspective of life and practicing mindfulness is what leads to the stronger inner-self. Self-knowledge comes with the careful investigation of your own personality and underlying belief system. The moment one is open to challenge his / her belief system, he is on the way to discover his true-self. The self’s identification or association with the external world is also vital for self-realization. Living as someone beyond the physical body or mind open the doors to infiniteness and true self perspective.

In simple words, our distorted view of the reality that arises from the false sense of our being is the reason why we either live on the expectations from others or nurture false expectations from ourselves that leads to a continuous conflict and anxiety within. Once we correct our perspective towards ourself and the external world, it generates the acceptance to the situations that are beyond our control and also gives immense clarity on the actions to change the situations under our purview.

Bringing this level of change on one hand will take continuous self-examination and self-knowledge but on other hand it will need mindfulness. We can easily be more mindful by connecting with our breath consciously at whenever and several times possible in a day. Technology has even made it easier with mobile apps like mindfulness bell, that rings at set frequency to remind you to focus on your breath for 30 seconds.

These small steps have power to bring big change in our life.

Wishing a stress-free life and sending love, laughter and joy……. Parth

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