Beware! – What looks REAL might be SURREAL

A Usual Day for most of the working men or women start with the rush to reach office, followed by the office routine and then falling back home with tired mind and body. Living the life on the weekends. This weekly routine gets subliminally embedded in us that it becomes the World for us and thus the REALITY of our lives. Perhaps we have seen our parents and grandparents living this as well and hence we can’t question their vision of living life. After all our vision is the by-product of their beliefs and values. Since childhood we have had our list of Do’s and Don’ts with some strange stories attached to them. On a lighter note, we also never challenged those stories thinking that our parents are not talented enough to make-up those stories 🙂 ,they must have happened. Indeed, these do’s and don’ts became the foundation for our beliefs and superstitions. Weather be staying away from black cats bringing bad luck and being bad omen to the Nobel cause of feeding the pets, we believe on what has been shown and taught to us by our elders, as they happen to be the most authentic sources in our life during our childhood.

Science says that most of the Brain development happens by the age of 7 years and hence our brain’s capability to accept or challenge the thought to become a belief also develops in the early ages. Now Think and Imagine yourself of wearing a set of permanent eye glasses (shades) that keep changing colours and these glasses being made of the “acquired beliefs”. Your vision of the scene (world) will be monochrome of the colour of the glass at that time. The scene may look red or green or blue, depending on the colour of the glass. By this, I mean that our interaction with the world/people largely depends on the beliefs we are wearing. This creates our experiences in life and these experiences together in a perspective create our definition of REALITY or a distorted reality.

This is why we all differ from each other because we are wearing those different shades or glasses of beliefs and carrying different versions of reality and experiences. That’s the reason a same movie can be experienced and liked differently by people, a school teacher may be someone’s hero and someone’s nightmare.

Take this test for yourself > I’m writing a line and you have to Imagine the WHAT and WHY about it as the very first thought of your mind. Be truthful to yourself

“A young kid visited the Dental clinic with his mother after his school because …………………………. “. What came in your mind? Perhaps the boy was in dental pain? That’s what we all will think as we have the strong association of a Dentist with Pain. Rather the boy went with his mother after the school to this Dental clinic because he was missing his Dad, who worked at this clinic.

I’m not saying that having a belief system is bad. Rather the belief system disciplines us. My point is that being slave of our own belief system and mind restricts our ability to experience life in the truest form and makes us judgemental.

It’s important to understand this truth and live a life being a free spirit with endless possibilities. The limitations are only the surreal experiences we have lived. So challenge your own beliefs and break your own life records.

Sending Love, laughter and Joy …. Parth

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