What, Why and How About Aura Cleansing


We all have seen pictures of Gods and Saints with a bright white halo behind them. That halo is a very intense form of Aura. Although every human being has an Aura but it’s is not as intense to be able to see with the normal vision. Aura is a subtle energy field around our bodies which is a manifestation from one’s past and present. It does have different size, colour and intensity for individuals. Someone who can read the Aura can precisely tell about the individual’s physical, mental and spiritual condition. Also the past that he / she is still carrying along. To see someone’s Aura one needs to be attuned to that frequency and it requires great practice to reach that level. Many authentic energy healers and saints are able to see the Aura with their naked eyes. For others, there are Aura scanners that give you images of your Aura like the heat maps of the body.


Since Aura is a manifested energy, it is connected with our past and present. This being a subtle energy field around our body becomes the first point of contact with the energies around us and in the universe. Weather be a disease or negativity, it first comes in contact with our Aura and then moves into the physical body and mental body. All the physical and mental sufferings are caused due to blockages in the Auric energy flow. As our body as a whole has an Aura, similarly the organs and every body part has the localized aura. The diseased part is seen as in dark shade or often black in the Aura maps due to the presence of the blockage. People also carry their karmic impressions in the Aura that causes chronic disorders and psychological problems. Hence cleansing the Aura regularly gives body a natural healing environment to heal itself faster. It is mandatory for people practising alternative healing or energy healing to cleanse their Aura regularly as they interface with the energy fields of others at a subtle level. Although we all do interface with people’s energy fields every time. That is the reason we feel good or bad vibes (vibrations) for certain people. It is important for every living being to keep their Aura clean.


There are many ways of cleansing the Aura and also protecting it. I’m sharing a few basic ones that can be practiced by everyone. The frequency of the same may vary for different people, but normally we should do it once a week. Following are some methods for the basic cleansing of Aura.

  1. Salt Water Bath – Use rock salt for bathing by dissolving 2-4 teaspoons of it in the water and bathing with the same, visualizing that all the negativity from the body and aura are being washed away. Remember that the salt water should not stay on body, hence put some fresh water after finishing the salt water bucket.
  2. Salt Water in cleaning house – you should also use the rock salt for cleaning the floors once a week. This purifies the Aura of the room and removes negativity.
  3. Lemon and turmeric bath – You can also put few drops of lemon and one teaspoon of turmeric powder in the bath tub. Both the ingredients are powerful agents to remove negativity and infections.
  4. Rock Salt in food – use of rock salt in the food also helps in cleansing the aura of the internal organs, as rock salt being the natural cleanser.
  5. Keeping peacock feathers at home – you must have seen the use of peacock feathers at shrines and temples. Also it being used by a Tantric. The reason is that it removes negativity from the Aura level. It not only adds to the decor but also purifies the energies in the room.
  6. Crystals – use of crystals in form of bead necklace, bracelets or decorative at home is very beneficial in cleaning the energies. Crystal is very powerful and absorbs the negative energies in itself, leaving the Aura of the wearer or house clean. But remember, since crystal absorbs all the negativity, it is important that it should be cleaned frequently with salt water or raw milk or holy water to remove the stored negativity.
  7. Rudraksha – The holy beads of Rudraksha is known to have electro-magnetic properties that assist in cleansing the Aura.
  8. Scented sticks – scented sticks are important part of almost all the religious ceremonies as it cleanses the energies around the place.

It is important that we should cleanse our Aura regularly to give our body and mind the best environment to dwell. The Aura cleansing is not just confined to living beings but also our house and work places. The subtle changes ones brought in practice can be felt as harmony and peace inside oneself.

Sending Love, laughter and joy……Parth Sharma

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