How to Break the Comfort Zone?

Comfort zone is the only place that never exist outside of you but rather embeds inside. Term ‘comfort’ connotes to Familiarity’. It is the zone of our mind that gives us the familiar experience. By acquired human nature we associate safety and security with the familiar environment. Hence our mind tries to create the familiar neurological patterns in our mind towards the events or experiences that we have in life. For eg. If we take the same route everyday from home to office, the mind will make the route so familiar to us that we feel effortless driving on the route and the steering turns unconsciously on the turns. If at any other day by force, if we have to take another route, we feel very uncomfortable and in state of alertness than the relaxed state that we generally experience on the regular commute.

The same applies to any other aspect of life. Our mind gets trained from our childhood to look for familiarities / similarities in events, experiences and people. That’s why we immediately start making associations with past events or people to make ourself comfortable with the situation. It becomes an unconscious habit of our subconscious mind to look for similarities in life.

To break the self-created comfort zone, it is mandatory for us to challenge the habit of searching for similarities and rather search for uniqueness and newness in the events, people and experiences. The moment we embrace newness, we not only break the comfort zone, but also break our limited beliefs and expand our perspective in life. It makes super easy to take any change in life and makes you stronger to handle the bandwidth of emotions.

So start training your mind with bringing small changes in your routine like commuting, seating space, going for lunch with different set of colleagues everyday etc. Try not to keep static things around you and keep shuffling the arrangement. It may be as simple as changing the furniture arrangement of your living room and bed room every week or taking a different route to commute to office and keep shuffling, starting at different time everyday. Even a difference of few minutes is good enough to break the pattern. These small changes will make you subconsciously open to change and break the need for familiarities and set your mind free from making patterns in life and hence keeping away from creating those comfort zones.

Break the comfort zone and be the change.

Sending Love, Laughter and Joy ……. Parth  

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