Death is the Ultimate Reality

Only thing that is real in life is Death, everything else in life is just an expression of life the way we have experienced it. Death has always been one of the most uncomfortable topic to discuss but indeed if understood correctly it becomes the strongest reason to live life to the fullest. I knew a person who used to live everyday with lot of energy and zeal. I asked her about her secret to self-motivational energy and her simple answer rather carried the biggest truth of life. She said ‘I live my day as if this is last day on Earth’. This kept her alive and aware of every moment lived in the day. We get so busy in our lives that we start believing unconsciously that we will exist for ever and make us run after possessing power and materials things in life. Once we are conscious about the fact that everything in this world is perishable including ourselves then we tend to detach ourselves from the need of possessing material things and relationships. It allows you to experience world with higher intellect and perception.

Knowing, accepting and believing that all our possessions are temporary and will perish one day keeps us grounded and detached with the need of controlling life and rather flow with what life offers.

Sending Love, Laughter and joy…… Parth

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