Each day we live is a miniature of the entire life. Days put together create weeks, months, years, decade and a lifetime. The quality of life we live, our success or failures and indeed even our relationships are the results of the decisions that we have taken. Every event of life leaves us with a choice or a decision to make. Can you imagine how many decisions you make in a simple act of going to office every day? Perhaps unthinkable. Right from what you wear to what route to take, while driving how and when to overtake and even where to park. In fact every moment we are choosing or deciding in life. Even sitting idle is a decision that you have taken.

We remember only those decisions that have been taken in complete awareness and the ones taken subconsciously or as we typically say with our muscle memory are not remembered or become our instincts. We are bound to experience decision fatigue during the days. This happens as we try to consciously waste our time in deciding for things that don’t have a significant impact on our life. Hence it becomes important to free your mind for the bigger and strategic decisions of your life by eliminating the ones that don’t carry the profound impact. One of the best examples are Mark Zuckerberg who has a same colour wardrobe and hence doesn’t need to ponder on things like what to wear and eventually saving that time to productively use for something else. I’m not suggesting the same to everyone, as for someone from fashion or media industry will have their wardrobe as a critical decision. The idea is to start looking at how much time we waste in making decisions for unproductive things in life.

My objective of writing this blog is not to talk about these kinds of decisions, but rather the ones that have a profound impact on us and our future. You can come across many articles and books that talk about the logical decision making and offer you tools to create all the alternatives before deciding. Indeed they may correctly fit in your learning book but somehow never become part of our acceptable and preferred way of decision making. The reason behind it is that we often decide for a solution on the basis of what is right / important / wrong / profitable / beneficial to do at that point of time. In simple words our decisions are based on either making a gain or avoiding a pain. This limits our intellect to develop all available alternatives to choose from.

A more effective way to life is to decide on basis of alternatives that exist and the possibilities that can manifest. We often ignore the pathways to possibilities and eliminate the chances of even manifesting a better solution.

It happens a lot in our relationships where we loose on the possibility of spending quality times with closed ones on the basis of what we presume vis-à-vis what truly exist. We live our relationships on the basis of how we understand them and hence decide basis the limited and single side view of the situation, leading us into decisions that can have adverse effect on others and us. A simple act of rightly communicating can generate so many possibilities to choose from that were earlier not within our awareness. This is so common to all forms of social interactions, be it in office with colleagues, relatives, friends etc.

Developing the ability to think in terms of possibilities rather than being right or wrong, immensely improves our capabilities to perceive better and see more opportunities in life than limitations.  All we need is to pause a little, be aware, reflect, prepare and decide. It’s easier to write than doing it, but remember that the freedom is not experienced outside but inside. Liberating from the mind  with higher sense of perception is the only way out of the DECISION TRAP.

Sending Love, Laughter and Joy …… Parth

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