Beyond Law of Attraction (LoA)

Those who are new to this term “Law of Attraction”, let me tell that it’s not about how to attract women or men. Like the law of physics, we are governed by certain laws of the universe that are referred by few as the spiritual laws. The law behind the manifestation of our desires and events in our life is the LAW OF ATTRACTION.

The Law of Attraction says “like attracts like” i.e what we predominantly think, we attract or manifest in life. As also it is famously said that Thoughts becomes things. I’m not going into explaining the law in detail, as there are many websites and books talking about it. Let’s see the mechanics of the law of attraction, as to why it doesn’t work and how to make it work?

Why LoA doesn’t work at times?

The book that got viral was “The Secret” by Rhonda Bryne, which simplified the law of attraction for many readers who were new to this concept. The intent was right to simply the law, but it is important to understand some dynamics behind it. The book said that there are 3 stages of manifestation according to LoA i.e – Ask > Believe > Receive.

Most of the times it doesn’t work this way as we tend to ask with for things with the EGO attached to the desires. The intentions manifest with ease and speed if they are egoless. This is the most important step of the LoA. When we ask from the universe, we should be sure about two things, firstly that Do I really need it and secondly that why I need it? These questions helps in getting the perspective clear and also see if the desire is out of Ego or need. Ego always dilutes the power of intentions and this is why many people fail to manifest and say that the law doesn’t work.

How to Make LoA work everytime?

Living Egoless in today’s world is even tougher than climbing the Everest. Then how do we reap the benefits of the LoA  every time? The following pointers will help you strengthen your intentions to help universe manifest it for you.

  • Check for the intention behind desire. Is it coming from Ego or is it something you want for yourself
  • Bring all your senses to play when asking with universe. For eg if you want a new car then imagine as precisely as possible. See what make, color and style it is of. Feel yourself sitting in it, see the colors of the interiors, feel the softness of the seats, feel the steering wheel, smell the perfume of the car. Bring all your senses into play when creating the imagery of your desire and make it as specific as possible. It magnifies the vibrations of the intentions sent to the universe.
  • Let universe decide on the time of its manifestation. As the moment you associate it with time, you bring Ego and forced expectation that dilutes the positivity of the intention.
  • Be ready to receive it from any source or channel. Most of the manifestations in the universe are seen as Miracles, Co-incidences or Synchronicities. This is universe’s way of creating the physical reality.
  • Live with the faith the desired thing is already yours and you will put to use it at the right time.

Keeping things egoless, positive and simple is the key to manifest in life. Living with the faith of already having the desired thing will create an equivalent force of intention in the universe to turn it into the physical reality.

Sending Love, Laughter and Joy….. Parth Sharma

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